After her loungewear inventions sold out in 20 minutes during lockdown, fashion IT girl Rozalia Russian debuts her highly anticipated Christmas collection.

  •  After her loungewear inventions sold out in 20 minutes during lockdown, fashion IT girl Rozalia Russian debuts her highly anticipated Christmas collection.

  • Just in time for the holiday party season, mother-of-two Rozalia Russian collaborated with a well-known online fashion brand to release a must-have holiday collection.
  • After a loungewear line she designed with Atoir during the Covid epidemic sold out in 20 minutes, the Melbourne native, 34, will present a highly anticipated collection of 21 party-appropriate pieces on Monday at 7 o'clock.
  • It couldn't have come at a better moment as party season finally returns. Her debut collection for Runaway The Label is a salute to the warmer months ahead. These hues remind me of summer and take me back to a lengthy vacation in Europe. I've attempted to incorporate some of those pleasant recollections into this collection.
  • Sequins play a significant role in the collection since Rozalia closely monitors fashion trends and has spotted more of them than ever before hitting the runway. To create a trendy and modern collection, she blended her passion of sequins with her love of a traditional silhouette.
  • You might have seen dresses composed of vibrant sequins in the past. But for this collection, I went with transparent sequins that I highlighted with colored fabric, giving the appearance of colored sequins, said Rozalia. It offers the garment a more contemporary appearance and offers a novel approach to working with sequins. The 1990s and 2000s have also served as inspiration for Rozalia, who noted that everything in fashion has a cyclical nature. The silhouettes we saw in the 1990s are currently popular. I make an effort to keep things simple and avoid overcomplicating the designs because of this. The collection has something for every wardrobe, from an oversized blazer to a strapless chiffon maxi dress, and it's expected to sell out quickly. "Black will always be my go-to color because I'm from Melbourne." You can never go wrong with a little black dress, and you will find one in this upcoming collection as well, she said.
  • She has included a variety of different styles that you can choose from depending on your dressing mood if you want to start summer celebrations in color. I am aware that there are moments when I want to wear something somewhat more masculine and other times when I prefer something slightly more girlie, and the collection reflects that.
  • When Runaway The Label debuted in 2014, the fashion world was instantly taken notice of by both Australian and worldwide fashion influencers.
  • Runaway has established itself as a reliable source for carefree styling thanks to its focus on the fashion-forward millennial woman. It was just a matter of time before they teamed up with the Melbourne IT girl because their designs are designed in-house and are motivated by social media, street style, and the newest runway trends.
  • Rozalia spent a large portion of her formative years in pointe shoes and behind a barre, which helped shape the dedicated young businesswoman that she is today. She lives with her husband Nick and their two children, Willow and Kingston. Gymnast was my mother. Growing up, ballet was all she ever wanted to do, but her mother made gymnastics her sport. I was the daughter she always said would dance when they were together, Rozalia previously told FEMAIL. She enrolled me when I was three years old. Growing up, I absolutely adored it. Five days a week, as soon as I finished my classes for the day, I would head to the dancing school. Rozalia was able to forge close relationships and friendships with other dancers thanks to her passion for the movement and dexterity required to take the classes. My mother signed me up for the Australian Ballet summer camp when I was 12 years old because, as she explained, "it's basically where outside students could come in and get taught."
  • Throughout the camp's duration
  • "During the camp, the teachers asked my mother whether I would like to enroll in their program full-time." The Australian Ballet accepted me without a formal audition, making me the first person to ever do so. Rozalia transferred to the national ballet school and began studying English and geography in addition to her dance studies.
  • There were 18 students in the gifted ballerina's courses at the conclusion of Year 10 when she was 16 years old. One boy and one girl would be chosen from auditions held over the course of the next two years to dance professionally with the Australian Ballet. To get there was going to require intense competition. I began to realise that I didn't really want to work for the chance of getting that one slot, so I quit,' she added.
  • After that, I transferred to a Catholic high school with only girls and continued to dance sporadically. I might have been exhausted from years of dancing ballet, but I needed a break. Her trainer claims that even though she doesn't use her fundamental ballet training every day, it still shows up four times a week when she jumps into the air while pointing her toes.
  • To keep her core in shape, Rozalia also takes a hot Pilates session twice a week
  • The former prima ballerina's priorities have shifted significantly since her teenage years, and they now include being a mother, a co-owner of the European-style restaurant Bar Bambi, and a fashion influencer.


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