1. How to Dress for Success by Making the Most of Your Wardrobe's Clothes'https://www.clothessale.site

How to Dress for Success by Making the Most of Your Wardrobe's Clothes'https://www.clothessale.site


  •  How to Dress for Success by Making the Most of Your Wardrobe's Clothes

  • Women are no longer just "stay-at-home moms," as was once the case. Nowadays, a lot of women have multiple "offices" at once. They flit between their roles as CEOs of corporations and wives, moms, and wives. Not because they are any less intelligent or qualified than their male colleagues, but rather due to the regrettable fact that many women find it difficult to move up the corporate ladder that they are women is a stereotype. Some detractors of women in leadership roles have occasionally stooped to using the attire worn by these women to denigrate and disparage them as being inappropriate for the position for which they are fully qualified and appropriately fitted. I'll give you some advice in this essay on how to play the power game at work while asserting your femininity through your attire. In doing so, I'll draw your attention to what some critics had said about some well-known women in influential positions' attire as a way to demean and label them as unfit for such offices. By bringing them to your attention, I do not in any way endorse such criticisms; rather, I am doing so to help you get ready for criticisms of a similar nature. As a way to positively assert yourself, as other powerful women before you have done, you can use such criticisms to create your own distinctive workplace fashion signature.
  • Put Your Best Self Forward by Donning a Power Suit, such as a Moshita Suit or a Carrere Suit for Women.
  • German pundits ridiculed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for, among other things, her "poor fitting outfits" when she initially entered politics. Merkel didn't respond to the criticism by altering the way she wore her trademark suit. She used her signature suits to express and make her own personal values and convictions clear. Her insistence on the design of her signature suits demonstrated her prudence and consistency, which turned out to be her greatest political asset because people saw in them an accurate reflection of her character. She was a respected for-woman who stuck to her principles despite widespread criticism for continuing to wear her purportedly
  • What you must discover
  • Create an honest, genuine apparel signature style for yourself. Be consistent with your style rather than choosing an outfit because it is the "trending style" or "trending fashion." Use your attire to make an impression and let people know what you stand for if you are competing for or "eyeing" a position of prominence or importance at work. There are many elegant and stylish well-designed "power suits" in many clothing stores, both online and in physical clothing stores, so you don't have to wear "ill-fitting suits." Depending on your body type, select power suits from a range of brands and styles. To complement or blend well with your skin tone, choose power-suit colors. In many clothing stores, you can find a variety of classy moshita suits and career suits for women. As you play the power game at work, use these women's suits to project your worth as a woman and demonstrate your dignity.
  • If necessary, dress in a pantsuit to demonstrate your equality with your male counterparts.
  • If you know Hilary Clinton, you know that she almost never wears anything other than her perfectly tailored suit pants. One of the critiques Hilary Clinton faced from the media during the 2008 U.S. presidential elections was that her lavish use of pantsuits was inappropriate. She was previously questioned by the media about why she chose trousers suits to skirts given how many more skirt suits could have been created with the same amount of fabric required to create her pantsuits. Since Hilary never "gave a hoot" to the criticism, she did not pay attention to it and continued to wear her excellent, well-fitting pantsuits. Hilary used the pantsuit as a strategy to make a statement in the heavily male-dominated political world. She displays her personality through her pantsuit. She displays her ability to match and even exceed the violence of her domineering and aggressive male colleagues by donning her pantsuits. During her testimony before Congress regarding the Benghazi uprising that lost the lives of one US Ambassador and four other Americans, she made these facts abundantly obvious. That congressional testimony was a memorable encounter between a female assertiveness and a male aggression dominance.
  • What to Know
  • Allows the way you dress to be a genuine and accurate expression of who you are. If you must, put on a pantsuit to show your male coworkers that you can dominate just as forcefully as they can. It's not necessary to always be dressed in pantsuits to show your male coworkers that you can not only put up with their overbearing behavior but that you can also match it. When appropriate, you can also display your authority and strength by wearing feminine dresses, tops, blouses, and accessories. You may follow in the footsteps of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The Iron Lady, who was infamous for matching her big-shouldered, houndstooth check skirt suits with pussy-bow blouses and ladylike pumps, was a famous female politician in British politics. When pressing for something from the British House of Commons, she was famous for using her handbag as a weapon.
  • Don't let criticism of your clothing outfits fool you
  • If you're familiar with Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State under George W. Bush, you know that she was dubbed the "epitome of power dresser" for her preference for "more fashion-forward cuts" and black apparel, which her detractors used to paint her as cold and distant. She was described as being a "subversive sex symbol" when she showed up at a U.S. Army post in 2005 wearing a sleek black military coat and knee-high boots. She was also described as seeming aloof and chilly while dressed in black.
  • Learning Objectives
  • Avoid playing into the hands of your detractors by using the hues or fashions of your attire. Be conscious of what your clothing's hues and designs say about you. Avoid coming across as someone who is very domineering and power-hungry by not constantly wearing dark colors like black or deep red. Conversely, avoid coming across as someone who is loud and conceited by wearing a lot of bright colors like yellow. When choosing your clothes colors, be careful not to hide your genuine self or your true personality features.
  • You don't have to dress in a way that makes you appear older than you actually are, but you should be careful not to downplay your maturity and responsibility as a woman capable of holding a position of authority and responsibility. Avoid dressing in a way that will make you appear like an immature, inexperienced youngster who is still trying to figure out who she is and is eager for attention. If you dress appropriately for the position of power you aspire to, your detractors won't have an excuse to disparage you because of your attire.
  • You can create your own unique fashion statement for work wear by choosing from a variety of outfits available to women, including skirt suits, pants suits, dress suits, tops and blouses, different kinds of ladies’ handbags, and shoes. As you play the power game at work, use the styles and colors of your attire strategically to convey your beliefs, values, the strength of character, and maturity as a woman capable of holding a position of authority.

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