1. The attention is on native fashion designers and models.

The attention is on native fashion designers and models.


  • The attention is on native fashion designers and models.

  • On Saturday, Heart of the City's second annual Indigenous Fashion Show provided an opportunity for Indigenous fashion designers to display their distinctive creations.
  • Three designers' creations were displayed during the event: Heather Boucher, Acahkos Designs, and Kiera-Dawn Kalson.
  • Many of the designs use indigenous materials; for my collection, I use horse hair, according to Bouchier. We must incorporate our culture into contemporary fashion, says the speaker.
  • To highlight the distinctive art produced by the Indigenous community, the event was first held.
  • According to Heart of the City Festival Society president Corine Demas, "(Fashion) is not as recognized as an art as it should be." We're trying to create a sense of community here, and these designers are really important to that community. They are all very active members of the community, and we merely wanted to provide them with a platform from which to excel.
  • Twelve Native American models displayed the clothing, which Boucher claimed was gaining more attention. We want to start supporting as many Indigenous artists as we can now that there has been reconciliation, Boucher continued. The popularity of indigenous culture and attire is rising. It's fantastic to see how this renaissance has come about."
  • The program also organized a clothing drive, with a focus on winter clothing.
  • Public art displayed in city parks on Saturday
  • Today, two new works of art were launched in Edmonton, each of which offers a distinctive viewpoint to the city's public freaks.
  • The unveiling of a new work of art by Indigenous artist Matthew James Weigel in Gold Bar Park took place on Saturday in the late afternoon. EPCOR commissioned the work to be installed at the park's brand-new ambient air quality monitoring station. The mural was designed and made by Weigel, and it was wrapped around the building. The mural incorporates the tree silhouettes behind the station, which Weigel claimed centers the piece in the area by drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural landscape. It was crucial to him that the mural tell a tale about the land, particularly one that places the treaty relationship front and center. So I'm able to tell those stories because I have this story about the magpie and the buffalo and the story of their presence on the land.
  • DRESS FIX I'm a stylist, and your attire is aging you years; it's time to give up the trainers.
  • Whether you are aware of it or not, the clothes you wear every day could be making you look much older. The worst offenders can be some of the trendier things.
  • According to Melissa Lund, a personal stylist and image consultant, some looks should be avoided if you don't want to appear to be older than you are.
  • It turns out that everything depends on what you're wearing on your feet, and the incorrect shoes may destroy an otherwise flawless look.
  • When you're young, tottering along like Bambi is acceptable, Melissa added.
  • But when you get older, tripping over high heels isn't a good look, she said. In spite of the fact that they are comfy, trainers may not be the ideal choice either. There are nearly always more fashionable alternatives that are just as good.
  • Super comfortable clothing has its place and time, the stylist admitted, but even then, some styles are a big no-no. She claimed that extremely baggy clothing "doesn't do anyone any favors."
  • Instead, make an effort to vary up your clothes by donning one loose-fitting item with another that is more form-fitting. One bag, according to Melissa, will make you look significantly older right away.
  • "A long strap, black purse worn with everything is a definite way to be a style-free zone," the woman stated.
  • Instead, mix it up with some color and smaller, chicer styles for a more youthful appearance. 

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