1. Top Princess Diana Fashion Moments From Season 5 of The Crown

Top Princess Diana Fashion Moments From Season 5 of The Crown


  •  Top Princess Diana Fashion Moments 
  • From Season 5 of The Crown

  • The Crown nailed Princess Diana's outfits this season, from her iconic Revenge Dress to her relaxed everyday appearances.
  • The fifth season of the eagerly awaited Netflix series The Crown officially started airing. This season of the Royal Family drama, which is set in the 1990s, focuses on Princess Diana's life as she balances being a wife and mother and contains some of her most renowned and iconic fashion choices. Lady Diana's best appearances over the years are embodied or imitated by Elizabeth Dubicki, who plays Princess Diana in the Netflix Original. L'OFFICIEL has compiled a handful of Princess Diana's most stunning ensembles here. Debicki dons the dress Lady Diana wore for her first public appearance following Prince Charles' admission that he had an affair, imitating Princess Diana's most recognizable appearance.
  • Strong Tartan
  • Debicki is seen portraying Princess Diana while she is dressed in tartan for the holiday. the real Princess Diana is seen greeting fans while out and about in Manchester while sporting a similar pattern.
  • See Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West in action as Princess Diana and Prince Charles
  • Season 5 of The Crown, which will have a whole new cast, is eagerly awaited and is scheduled to debut on Netflix on November 9, 2022.
  • Imelda Staunton, an Oscar-nominated actress, takes on the roles of an elderly Queen Elizabeth II in place of Olivia Colman and Claire Foy, while Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki assume the parts of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor, who played Charles and Diana in Season 4, were praised for their performances. Corrin was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series but lost to co-star Jenna Coleman, and O'Connor won the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. When asked about her new position, Debicki said, "Princess Diana's spirit, her words, and her actions live in the hearts of so many." It is an absolute honor and privilege for me to be a part of this brilliant series, which has had me completely enthralled since Episode One. Season 5 of The Crown is anticipated to cover the dissolution of Charles and Diana's turbulent marriage as well as Diana's ascent to independent fame as a well-liked humanitarian, and it is anticipated to feature just as much royal intrigue as its first four seasons. Leslie Manville, an Oscar-nominated actress, takes the place of Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, and Jonathan Pryce plays Prince Philip in the show's final two seasons, in addition to the new faces of Queen Elizabeth, Lady Di, and Prince Charles. Olivia Williams will portray Camilla Parker Bowles, who will be his partner. This season's episodes will feature appearances by Prince Harry, played by Teddy Hawley and Will Powell, and Prince William, portrayed by Timothee Sambor and Sean West, demonstrating how the two siblings grew up together in the 1990s.
  • The early 1990s will be the setting for The Crown's fifth season, and series creator Peter Morgan has chosen to move forward with the sixth season that will cover the 2000s. Peter Morgan, the show's creator, said that as the stories for Series 5 were being discussed, it quickly became apparent that six seasons would be the best way to properly tell the show's rich and complicated story.
  • Even though the final two episodes of the popular Netflix series will take place between the late 1990s and the early 2000s, the show has no intention of addressing the royal family's current relationships.

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