1. It's comforting to wear soft, squishy clothing during difficult times.

It's comforting to wear soft, squishy clothing during difficult times.


  • It's comforting to wear soft, squishy clothing during difficult times.

  • Dance shoes for this season's parties have cushioned soles rather than spike heels.

  • Put away your spiked heels and sharp tailoring. We don't need to sacrifice comfort for fashion right now, from plush handbags to squeezable coats.
  • I recently went shopping and was looking. But I wasn't only gazing; I was also getting a wonderful feeling. I secretly squeezed a cosily delicious-looking puffer garment in Cos, as if evaluating the ripeness of a peach. When I was trying to cut through John Lewis quickly, a mouthwatering display of cashmere knits in luscious shades of orange and melon that were begging for a stroke stopped me in my tracks. Can anyone avoid taking a quick feel when passing a stack of fluffy sweaters? There is no way to trust me to keep my mouth shut.
  • In my cloud-soft Ugg boots, of course, I bounced through H&M when I realized that even the purses were soft. I fondled my favorite, which was so soft and padded you could use it as a pillow yet was as light as air on its delicate chain strap. When I entered a fashion store, I would behave like a child in a candy store; these days, however, I behave more like a fruit addict in a greengrocer's, squeezing everything in my path in search of what is not only in season but also deliciously ripe.
  • Softening in fashion. Soft edges and loose fitting clothing are popular right now. Simply observe the jackets around you the next time you walk down the street to see this shift in action at its most striking. What I still consider a Proper Coat to be, which consists of wool, a clearly defined silhouette, and button fastenings, has been marginalized by countless variations on padded outerwear.
  • There is a puffy coat for everyone these days, from teens wearing boxy, chunky North Face-style puffers to moms running school runs in practical, wipe-clean padded gilets to stylish, lightweight belted coats with diamond- or onion-shaped quilting that look chic over a trouser suit.

  • Dance shoes for this season's parties have cushioned soles rather than spike heels.

  • The remainder of your wardrobe is now under the influence of squishiness. There are many reasons why the cult Bottega Veneta Cassette handbag lost Instagram a few years ago. You remember it: the grid of ripe, butter-soft squares that was enlarged from the brand's traditional leather weave and appeared to be as delicious as a plate of ravioli. The soft bag, which Vogue has dubbed the "comfort pouch," is in vogue right now. It can be found in everything from compact handbags to fluffy clutches that you can squeeze like a stress ball.
  • Even shoes have lost some of their sharpness. The party footwear of this season has cushioned soles rather than spike heels and marshmallow-soft tubing rather than cheese-wire ankle straps.
  • You used to have to sacrifice for fashion, it was a given. Women, at least, assumed that there was a compromise between comfort and grace. That currently seems dated. There is almost no tolerance for clothing that doesn't feel good thanks to the jersey-clad lockdown era, when clothing turned into a comfort blanket rather than protective armor. Hurrah is the only appropriate answer. The world seems to spiral into madness more and more each day, so it is heartening to see that comfort is now given top priority in fashion.
  • It's impossible for it to be entirely sensible and useful, though, because this is fashion. Comfort as an aesthetic is a key component of soft fashion, in addition to how it feels. Surprisingly, part of the appeal of soft, quilted fabrics is that they give the impression of being cozy and plush even when you are shopping online and can't physically feel the fabric. The body and the eye are both calmed by comfort.
  • Partially deflated rubber balloons are used as embellishments on Loewe's footwear this season. A blow-up lifesaver ring at the hemline of a dress and a beach ball serving as a handbag were attached to cocktail dresses at Moschino's most recent Milan runway show. Yes, it's silly, but you can't help smiling. Which is the main idea behind feel-good clothing. 

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