One of the Biggest Trends in Fashion for 2022 Is Dressing Like a Dad

 One of the Biggest Trends in Fashion for 2022 Is Dressing Like a Dad

Although the design has gone through various dubious phases, the year 2022 saw the emergence of a trend that many of us did not anticipate: the "dad-ification" of fashion. The most popular items in your dad's closet were selling out this year, despite the fact that it was once thought to be corny and a fashion faux pas. That meant there was a huge demand for Bermuda shorts, New Balance sneakers, and sweater vests. All cool girls are now wearing like dads, which can only mean one thing.

The goal of the dad aesthetic is to make ease fashionable. It should come as no surprise that parents need to be dressed comfortably if they want to keep up with the kids all day or, more often than not, just sit outside and watch the grass grow. Furthermore, the popular 2022 style has gained support from a number of celebrities and fashion influencers. Emma Chamberlain, who frequently posts on Instagram while wearing her go-to t-shirt and baggy shorts, is obviously a lover of the style. How did the trend even enter the fashion world in the first place? The trend appears to be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Why Did The Dad Fashion Trend Begin?

Celebrities are aware of their influence in the fashion world. Model Bella Hadid stated to Vogue back in March that "I look outside and I see a hundred people dressed just like me, just because of what Instagram is." Adam Sandler was a famous person who probably failed to recognize this influence when it comes to clothing. Over the past year, social media has seen a rise in the popularity of Sandler's casual dad attire. Dad fashion is nothing new; over the years, parts of your father's wardrobe may have made their way into the fashion world. What's new is that everyone is dressing as Adam Sandler does on TikTok and that all of these pieces are now worn together.

What was the underlying reason for the rise in dad fashion?

"These pieces are an extension of the comfort dressing trend, which was born out of our increased time spent indoors at home [during the pandemic]," fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell tells Pure Wow. The way we dress affects how we feel, so dressing appropriately is important if we want to feel at ease. The dad look enables us to dress in casual attire that is appropriate for leaving the house.

How to Include the Style in Your Wardrobe

You're not the only one trying to incorporate the dad fashion trend into your wardrobe. Although styling dad-like pieces without coming off as a dad can seem overwhelming, it is actually easier than it seems. Olivia Jade is another celebrity who adopted the look, dressing in baggy denim, a sweater vest, and a bucket hat for an Instagram post. The style is simple, casual, and baggy, and it works.

The thrift store is frequently the greatest place to browse when trying to add dad-inspired things to your wardrobe. The finest items to buy are frequently cosy vintage sweatshirts, baggy jeans, retro t-shirts, baggy shorts, chunky sneakers, caps, and sweater vests. When putting together a dad costume, these elements are simple to mix and match. When choosing new pieces, consider what a dad from the 1990s would wear. The clothing should be casual enough to wear out and about while also being comfy enough to lounge around in. The dad fashion trend may make the combination of large shorts, a baggy t-shirt, sneakers, and a tote bag the most popular.


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