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Although it's back in style, did being skinny ever really go out of style?'

  Although it's back in style, did being skinny ever really go out of style? Thin may be "in," according to the fashion press, but the frightening truth is that the fixation has actually been around for a while. Observe the Halloween custom of successfully stultifying things that would normally resist being stultified. Last week, when I was scrolling through images, I noticed numerous sexy Toy Story characters and ghosts. I noticed a ton of cleavages, one of which was affixed to a Minion, as well as the bottoms of Marge Simpson and Cinderella. But even though I always support the mission, which is timeless, this year I was surprised by something else: skinniness. The fashion media is warily stating that "Thin is back." Most press reports focused on the scandal of disrespecting a museum piece when Kim Kardashian donned Marilyn Monroe's old dress to the Met Gala. The real story, however, was buried in paragraphs four and five, where it was revealed that Kim K

Discovering a fresh fashion look 2022–2023 new fashion trends'

Discovering a fresh fashion look 2022–2023  new fashion trends Trends Street Style Trends for Fall: Then and Now 2023's Best Winter Fashion Trends Expect a change in the weather as 2023 draws to a close as well as in the new fashion accessories UC Irvine students choose to adorn themselves with. It is a common misconception that California has just two seasons each year. The state appears to be primarily characterized by hot, humid weather and brisk autumn breezes. What transpires, however, when those two seasons mix? By layering various textures and colors, matching the changing colors of the leaves, and accessorizing creatively, UCI students are finding practical ways to dress for the changing weather. After two years of severe lockdowns, the long, hot summer seemed even better since it gave us the chance to take vacations and enjoy our independence. It's time to put on extra layers once more now that autumn and winter are quickly approaching after a summer that called for li