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Arab Fashion Designers Shine Bright At The 2nd Red Sea Film Festival, Demonstrating Talent

Arab Fashion Designers Shine Bright At The 2nd Red Sea Film Festival, Demonstrating Talent The renowned Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia is back for its second year of presenting the most recent local and global filmmaking talent. The event started on December 1 and is anticipated to go through December 10. Unquestionably, the featured movies and the talent in attendance caught our attention, but another aspect struck out: the skill of Arab designers, who enable these stars to shine on the red carpet while rocking a variety of outfits tailored specifically for them. Next, let's learn more about these designers and the actors that wore their clothing. Tima Abid One of the most well-known haute couture designers in Saudi Arabia is Tima Abid. The Saudi creative is not only a well-known interior designer in the field but also a writer and poet. Influencer Nathalie Fan from Lebanon was then seen wearing a stunning Abid black mermaid gown. Fang’s outfit was finished o

Miami winter fashion 7 hot-weather trends

  Miami winter fashion 7 hot-weather trends More people are getting out their winter clothing as winter draws near, but that is counter to Miami's year-round hot and humid atmosphere. Here are seven current trends that are popular yet won't cause you to pass out from overheating. A skirt suit Right now, skirt suits are one of the hottest styles gracing the red carpet. Mini skirts are the major focus of the revival of the look from designers like Chanel and Thom Browne. A feminine aspect is added to the style to balance out the structure and give it an androgynous sense, giving the user the opportunity to experiment with gender expression. In order to land that summer internship, this interview approach is ideal. Gender-Neutral Dress In general, unisex fashion has become more popular. The fashion industry has recently gotten more diverse thanks to celebrities like Harry Styles and Kristen Stewart, making it ideal for those days when you're heading to class and want to wear

One of the Biggest Trends in Fashion for 2022 Is Dressing Like a Dad

  One of the Biggest Trends in Fashion for 2022 Is Dressing Like a Dad Although the design has gone through various dubious phases, the year 2022 saw the emergence of a trend that many of us did not anticipate: the "dad-ification" of fashion. The most popular items in your dad's closet were selling out this year, despite the fact that it was once thought to be corny and a fashion faux pas. That meant there was a huge demand for Bermuda shorts, New Balance sneakers, and sweater vests. All cool girls are now wearing like dads, which can only mean one thing. The goal of the dad aesthetic is to make ease fashionable. It should come as no surprise that parents need to be dressed comfortably if they want to keep up with the kids all day or, more often than not, just sit outside and watch the grass grow. Furthermore, the popular 2022 style has gained support from a number of celebrities and fashion influencers. Emma Chamberlain, who frequently posts on Instagram while wearing